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Jimmy's Lover
About Us

Here's the whole deal on us

Were six girls and were from the lost town of Eugene, Oregon. I little town with a bunch of awesome bands, it's kind of where we all just chill and kick back. It's a band get away. All music is our own, except for three covers we do, "Only in Dreams" by Weezer, "Freakish" by Saves the Day, and "I want you to want me" by Letters to Cleo . It all started during October Fest 2001. It was just a four person project. Jenelle, Tecie, Shelly, and Nicole. Then later on Sam and Clarissa joined. Now it's a six, all girl, all talent, done deal.

Flip on the tele' wrestle with Jimmy.......


How we are

Here are some things that let you know us a little better as a band

 Band that has influenced us the most: Weezer
First song we ever wrote: The Hank Benz song
How our music is so different: We change our moods alot
How were so different: Our personalities are out of control
What is our tardemark: how we act
What is so unkown about us: The name of our one knows how we came up with it except for Shelly, Nicole, and Jenelle

Random Line from one of our songs:

don't tell me that i can't change when oppurtunity comes along

every day that i wake up is another obstacle over come

my victory song
By: Nicole A. Williams