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Jimmy's Lover

The whole sha-bang!

What's New?

Jimmy's Lover has"edited" their band.  They are currently looking for a bass player.  if you are female and between the age of 15-20 please e-mail them at

Spiffy shim digs coming up:

Were trying to set up a gig opening up for some other local bands and we may be put onto a mixed CD that gets distributed to major recording labels and radio stations.

"This is music so good, even grandma will love it."

"A funky new sound, a brand new look, a weird mix of people, and just a fun band."

Jimmy's lover was estd. in September 2001 in Eugene, Oregon.  Do you like those fun pop punk bands?  The emo bands? Rock bands?  Well were kind of those all mixed up and spit back out.  We can only call our music as one thing, "dork rock."  "I don't know...I hate for us to be labeled because our music doesn't really fall under one single type. One song will sound pop punk, another emo ish......labels are over rated, just call it dork will be original like us." - Nicole.  We have the music, the voices, the lyrics, the energy, and most of all the ambition.

First Jimmy's Lover webpage

More news and info on us

Note*  Jimmy's Lover currently only has Nicole (Emi), Tecie (Zmullet), and Sam (Steenkie) in their band. 


"No sunset is the same, each beautiful in it's own way.  Just like a sunset you always change, but your beauty will always remain."

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