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some one got lost

Help I don't understand

I can picture you sitting and thinking I'm a raving bitch. Hell I'm doing this for all song writers. If the music sucks and the lyrics rock, the lyrics suck and the music rocks, whatever. It's music. You, the song writer, created it and it's yours, no one can take that away from you. Not even fans. Rivers fans complain, "Why don't you play from the Pinkerton album?" Shut up! Hello he doesn't feel like it! If you had any respect for the guy you'd leave him the freak alone! Be greatfull he's still writing the music that he does. The bands been around for 10 years, thats a long time. Some time it will all be over and maybe then you'll stop complaining. Then all you'll have are the CD's and the memories of their concerts. Do you people have no idea what the guy goes through? Music is fun to write at times, other times it's hard. Sometimes writers, we just write stuff that isn't easy for us to write. I don't know why we do it. We do and then you guy's take it all the wrong way and twist our words around and screw it all up. It's a suprise we just don't all give up and stop.

Music is like that sound, that sound that you didn't make, but you say it's yours, you poser fan.

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One day a man wrote some words down and some chords. He called it a song, then you fans came along, and you screwed it all up.

If your a fan....

If your a really a fan and if you think you understand then next time you listen to a song listen closey. To every word and every strum. The pauses, the timing, the beat. How long a note may go and low or high they sing. Then if you can tell me every thing you heard you haven't understood, but you now gained respect and thats worth more to a writer than if you understand.


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