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The writers and the "fans"


I just would like to put this down. I honestly have respect for you Rivers. You'll never read this, but I do have respect. I don't understand what it is in your music, but I like it.

From a writer to a fan

Don't ever come up to a band member and say "I'm your biggest fan." Let them know you like them and their music and that your enjoying that they let you hear it. Never tell them your a fan. Best case say, "I really like you guys, you guys have a good sound, enjoying what your doing." then add "keep it up" or somehting like that. That's what we like to hear. That you like what we do, not that you live on what we do.

ta da! simple like easy mac and cheese


Go look up what a fan is in the dictionary and see what it means then ponder why you let yourself be labeled this way.


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