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Jimmy's Lover
The band members

The whole sha-bang....

Steenkie a.k.a Sam

Wahoo! This is Sam from Jimmy's Lover. I'm the lead singer and tamborine player. I'm really tall, like 5'9 and I have green eyes. I cut my hair super cool!  I think everyone likes it...unless their all lying....arg...I like to act, my favorite movie is 'Best in Show' and one of my favorite singers is Dido. I love mac and cheese and snow caps, THERE SO YUMMY! And I also love to sing. I really kind of a silly person, but I get a kick out of making people laugh and laughing at other people, like Jenelle falling down or something. My favorite song by us is "Dougs Corehard" and my song about the Ducks. it's really cool.  Well catch you losers on the flip side.

Guitarist Wanted

Are you an awesome Guitar player?  E-mail us if you want to join the band!

Zmullet a.k.a Tecie

Well I'm the drummer and I like to dance in my other free time. I made this super cool purse out of scarfes.  I have dark redish brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 5'9 and I like blue cotton candy. My favorite song is "The middle," and "sweetness" by jimmy eat world, Bracs "don't touch me" song  i also like "island in the sun" by Weezer. I'm in a polka band too, hey it's hardcore okay? I really love to play drums, and I'm kind of a slacker at school, I think thats why none of my teachers like me.  Shout out to my boys! go number 25 on the lacrosse, chicken legs are sexy, chicken legs are hot, our team is damn fine and your team is not! Charlie your so awesome! Pickles suck! So do skiiers! Okay Thats me, Tecie, the drummer, Zmullet.

E-mi a.k.a Nicole

Wait is this being recorded? Okay good.Uh ya so...I'm Nicole and I write music and play guitar and back up vocals. I like Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Dash Board., Fenix TX, The Hives, Riddln Kids..... Ice cream is the best food ever, that and sushi.  Top songs are 'Only in Dreams' by Weezer and 'The most beautiful thing' by Jimmy Eat World. I'm planning on going to college to study music business.  I love you guys; Nat, Sarah, lion boy, Lindsay, The Legend, lobster, and the band Jimmy's Lover. Am I done now? Okay...yeah...

Bass Player Wanted

Are you an amazing bass player?  Want to join the band? E-mail us for info.

New Secret Band Member

Band members wanted!

Check out "contact me" and see the e-mail address to e-mail us.