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What music is and why fans suck

For the ignorant

I'm making it clear that yes, if Weezer was never formed we would not know this mans name. What about before the band was formed. You say you know his music but do you? We can all say that we understand him perfectly and that we can relate, but relating is not the same. I play guitar, I'm in a band, and I write music. One day maybe you'll hear my music and my band. You might think "I totally get what theyre saying." You don't.

I admit that I don't understand his music totally. I don't think anyone should understand it totally, except for him and those that he might want to understand it. Musicians share music with the world, we want you to know some things, but not every thing. If we gave all our feelings through our music to you, it wouldn't really be ours. We always hold something back whether we realize it or not. I can't say I relate to him, I can't say I understand him, but I can say that I respect him. He's honest in telling his fans that they don't get it and that their idiots. I'm a fan and he calls me an idiot, but hey he brought that music to you, he has every right to make a call on it.

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